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Kia Sorento
Stock # 3994
Gasoline Fuel

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Gilbert Motor Company
Stock number
Vehicle year
Dealer id
Body style
4 Door
Trim level
Exterior color
Ice Blue
Interior color
Engine type
V6 Cylinder Engine
Rear Wheel Drive
Fuel type
Gasoline Fuel


We believe a good used car dealer understand the mechanics of the vehicles they sell. We know cars inside and out so that you dont have to worry about quality. The Owner-Operator of Gilbert Motor Company, Brent Huckabee, now extends the knowledge to his wide selection of inventory offered to North and South Carolina residents.

This Ice Blue 2004 Kia Sorento EX with Beige interior will make a great addition to your family or business!

This vehicle comes with the following packages.

This vehicle comes with the following features.


• Power reclining driver seat - Lean back. Gain some space between you and the wheel with power reclining driver seat. It lets you adjust the angle of the seatback at the touch of a button for added comfort while youre driving, or for a more comfortable rest while youre pulled over. Settle in, with power reclining driver seat.
• 8-way driver seat - Comfort that conforms to you! It doesnt matter how long your drive is; if you arent comfortable while youre behind the wheel, every trip feels like a chore. With 8-way driver seat, finding the perfect position is easy, so you can sit back, or up, or a little forward, relax and enjoy the journey.


• Cruise control with steering wheel mounted controls. Set it and forget it. Road trips used to be stressful, until cruise control set the pace. Simply set the desired speed using the steering wheel mounted controls and it will maintain that speed without driver intervention. This can help minimize driver fatigue and improve overall fuel economy. Resting your right foot is right at your fingertips thanks to cruise control with steering wheel mounted controls.
• Power passenger door mirror - An easy look back. Power passenger door mirror makes it easy to get the right sightlines for your drive. You dont have to reach across, adjust, sit back and check, and adjust again. It can be moved using an electric switch so you get the view you want quickly and easily. When you have power passenger door mirror you have one touch access to whats behind you.

Exterior and Appearance

• First-row sunroof - Let more of the outside in. Now you can be in the sun or gaze at the stars from the comfort of your seat, and have a more open cabin during your drive. Your first-row sunroof is a breath of fresh air.

In-car Entertainment

• This location maximizes convenience.

Safety and Security

• Ignition immobilizer - Theft is a non-starter. You can feel more secure about your vehicle being there when you come back. Ignition immobilizer is a passive security system consisting of a transmitter in the ignition key and a sensor located in the vehicle. If both are not present or do not recognize each other, the vehicle will not start. Ignition immobilizer a sure-fire way to prevent the theft of your vehicle.
• 4 airbags - Air on the safe side. Collisions are often unexpected, but you have the peace of mind of extra protection should they occur. When used in combination with your seatbelt, airbags greatly reduce the possibility of serious injury, compared to a vehicle without airbags. Be prepared for the worst with 4 airbags.
• Daytime running lights - Brighten your day. Daytime running lights increase your visibility to oncoming traffic and in adverse weather conditions. Because when it comes to safety, being seen makes a big difference. Stand out all the time, with daytime running lights.

Remember how we said that we know cars? We back that up with our 90-day/3,000 mile warranty that is included in the sale of each vehicle. Used cars will need repairs and no one can predict what they will be. However, we are confident in our selection and inspection process, so we offer you peace of mind, in writing. No worries about As-Is Warranty here!

To be sure you dont miss out, give us a call at 864-461-0177 and schedule a test drive. We are located at 4841 Chesnee Hwy Chesnee SC 29323. We look forward to seeing you soon.



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